Commands ยป Panel EpicBot


$ - Bot prefix can be changed.

$autofetch - Automatically update all user and servers data.
$ping - Show actuall delay of the bot.
$setlang - Change bot language. (pl), (en), (de), (ru)
$setprefix - Change the bot prefix default is "$".


$addrelatedsong - Add relatedsong to queue.
$autoplay - Automatically play related songs to previous track.
$filter - Set the given filter to the currently playing music.
$join - Force Bot to join the given voice channel id or the channel where you at.
$leave - Force Bot to leave the channel.
$pause - Pause the currently playing music.
$play - Plays the music just type URL or name of the song.
$playskip - Skip the currently music and immediately plays the typed song or URL.
$previous - Plays the previous song.
$queue - Show queue of the song in order.
$repeat - Repeat the currently song infinitely.
$seek - Seek the track for a few seconds.
$shuffle - Shuffles the queue.
$skip - Skip the current song.
$stop - Clear the queue and stop playing song.
$volume - Change the volume of the music.


$about - Shows business card of the EpicBot.
$debug - How many Channels the bot is currently in.


$coinflip - Tails or Head game.
$rank - Shows your personal level card.
$rock-paper-scissors - Classic rock paper scissors game


$balance - Shows your balance.
$bet - Allows you to bet money, the chance of winning is 50/50.
$crime - Allows you to earn up to $16,000.
$daily - Daily reward gives 5,000$.
$deposit - Deposit your money to your bank.
$givemoney - Gives money to @mention user. (Admin Only)
$leaderboard - Shows leaderboard of the server.
$pay - Transfer money to another @mention user.
$resetmoney - Reset money of @mention user. (Admin Only)
$robbery - Allows you to rob a person from your server.
$slots - Allows you to bet money, the chance of winning is 33/100.
$withdraw - Withdraw your money from bank.
$work - Allows you to earn up to $5,000.


$dashboard - Gives the link to this site.
$ranking - Give link to server players ranking.


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